SubmissionsFull colour photo of a set of pencils, at different angles, and different types, with a sharpener and lots of sharpened pencil shavings.

Sorry, we will not be considering unsolicited pamphlet or book collections again. This press is winding down. 

Paid Reading Service

Helena Nelson sometimes offers a paid reading/editing service to poets. This is not a route into HappenStance publication. If interested, enquire via the contact box.

Yes, the infamous contact box hasn't been working lately so you may have already done this and not had a reply. How very frustrating. Sorry! Try again. It is working again now. Or try an email address consisting of and precede this with four letters: nell.

Alternatively, get hold of a copy of How (Not) to Get Your Poetry Published, which could save you a lot of pain, at the same time as sharing many of the unwritten rules of the whole exquisitely frustrating (and yet delightful) business.

Address for postal enquiries:

Helena Nelson
21 Hatton Green

Fife KY7 4SD