Giant in the Doorway - Marion Tracy

Giant in the Doorway
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MARION TRACY’S POEMS have appeared in magazines in both Australia (where she was living until recently) and the UK.

The first part of Giant in the Doorway is an evocative account of one day and night in a holiday cottage, from the point of view of a child struggling to make sense of her mother’s psychiatric illness. Subsequent poems extend the narrative through a mature (but no less emotive) reflection on the mother’s life, death and legacy.

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Sample poem:

Giant in the doorway


I’m in the double bed next to judith
lennie is asleep in the cot moon lays down
a clean bandage onto the floor I can hear

the sea singing with my mother
their voices mutter and shout
and dip and scream together below

and outside I know the word mad
but when I ask judith what’s wrong
with mummy exactly and judith says

she can’t spell it or pronounce it I know
judith doesn’t want to talk about it
I shouldn’t talk about it