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THERESA MUÑOZ was born on St Patrick’s Day to Spanish-Filipino immigrants in Vancouver, Canada. Since 2006, she has lived in Scotland, first undertaking an MLitt at Glasgow University and latterly a doctoral thesis on the poetry of Tom Leonard. Her mental geography crosses continents as she explores belonging and exclusion, home and exile. Although her tone is often wistful, the form is playful: the shapes and fragments of the poem on the page capture shifting, changing voices, many of them a little lost.

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Performance review

walking fast

hands in pockets
fresh air

who cares   who cares   who cares

but I do

I get on the bus

poor concentration
work ethic
we must reassess

her hard look
as she says this

I thump my fist
against the glass

forget it   forget it   let it go

the bus bumps along
turns a corner

but I don’t