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Joan Lennon writes historical adventures and science fiction for young adults, silly stories for younger audiences, and gripping tales for kids who do not always relish reading. 

She also writes poems for grown-ups, and some of these tell exceedingly strange stories. Granny Garbage, for example. What might you find when you cross her threshold? And what might she want from you?

Granny Garbage is one of two story-pamphlets published at the same time (the other is Luck by Michael Grieve). Each of these verse narratives is intriguing, beguiling, and makes a great gift—even for those whose first love isn’t poetry.

Here's Granny Garbage inviting you in:

Come in, come in—don’t be shy!
I won’t eat you! Oh yes, I know what they call me—
Dragon Lady—sounds like I’d eat you up,
doesn’t it?—but that’s not it at all.
It’s because a dragon’s meant to have a hoard
her treasure—and that’s what I have,
and that’s why you’re here!

You’ll have heard about my house.
You’ll have heard that if there’s something
you want—something
you need—something
from Before—then chances are
I’ve got it, somewhere in my lovely jam-packed rooms. 

If you’ve heard that, you’ve heard the truth,
so come in, come in—mind where you step—
and tell me what
you want—what
you need—you and your fine family.


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