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Annie Fisher is a story-teller, with a background in primary education. Her debut poetry pamphlet draws on memories of a Catholic upbringing, as well as work in schools.

She knows about loss of faith, and loss of face, knows from the inside how confidence gets lost—and reasserted.

This is a poet with an eye for mischief, an ear for rhythm and form, delicious deftness of touch, and incorrigible joy in the process of creation.

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The test glared, strict as a smack.
The classroom smelt of rain-soaked macs. 

A man aged 27 was married to a woman, 24.
He died at 81, the wife at 91.
For what fraction of her life was she a widow?

Each page a new befuddlement.

Numbers. Riddles. Words.

They marked her Borderline, then Failed. 
A timid girl. A single day. A life ago. 

Put up your hand if you can calculate the cost
of all she could have learned

and would have loved
but lost.