DOWN WITH POETRY! − Helena Nelson

£ 10.00 each

Contemporary poetry is undoubtedly a serious business, but literary gravity requires rebels. This new book from poet and publisher Helena Nelson collects some of the trouble-making poems from earlier pamphlets (Unsuitable Poems and The Unread Squirrel) as well as more recent ‘anti-poetry’ and a rant or two.

These scurrilous, comical and rabble-rousing incitements are an instant antidote to our culture of prizes and celebrities. Some of them even rhyme. Take one with a glass of water before reading any volume on the T.S.Eliot prize shortlist. You’ll feel better before you know it.

What Not to Write on the Back Jacket of Your Debut Collection

This book is not bad.
A number of these poems feature the poet’s dog: George.
The author’s mother recommends this book.
Boris Johnson recommends this book.
Most of the poems are quite short.
Poetry is not for everybody.
These poems are accessible if reasonable adjustments are made.
Many of these poems were written while dusting.
The poet applied three times for funding to assist in the completion of this book.
Please buy this book. 
The poems in this book have universal resonance some of the time.
Includes five villanelles and three sestinas.
There is a glossary of difficult words for readers new to poetry.
The poet skilfully employs seven types of metonymy.
The main theme is death.




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