NIGHT LETTER - Fiona Moore

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Fiona Moore’s first HappenStance pamphlet  The Only Reason for Time was published in 2013 and sold out quickly. Many readers have asked for more. So here’s a new set of poems from a person who doesn’t always rest easy at night. Lack of sleep sometimes permits communication from a level of consciousness the everyday brain disallows. The result? A precarious bridge between (at least) two worlds.

Fiona Moore blogs at Displacement.

Sorry, this pamphlet, short-listed for the Michael Marks Award for Poetry Pamphlets 2016, is - like the author's first pamphlet - sold out. But at least you can read the sample poem from it below.


Night Letter

I don’t believe in an afterlife
any more than you did
but sometimes at night I lie awake
and can’t not imagine you
floating, out there
somewhere between angel and ectoplasm,
because sometimes this is easier
not only for the heart
but for the mind too.

It feels almost disloyal
to you, who said again    
there was nothing
after we’d been given the prognosis:
said it calmly, factually. So
if you’re out there, please
forgive me for imagining
you, out there.