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Vishvāntarā was given her name when she was ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Order in 2005. It means ‘she who carries a universe within’. Receiving a new name is symbolic of initiation into a new life—one orientated more and more around Buddhist values.

Some of these poems, in their quiet beauty, reflect the meditative practice central to the poet’s life. Others are totally unexpected.

Vishvāntarā has been writing poetry since her earliest years and has had some magazine and competition successes over the last decade. She lives in London in a Buddhist residential community and teaches meditation and Buddhism at the London Buddhist Centre.

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The Miracle

Remember that fantastic spider’s web?
Fantastic less as feature than as feat
of structural engineering, how it stretched
the top thread, measuring some ten metres,
from one tip of our neighbour’s pampas grass
to a branch halfway up our almond tree.
An invisible drawbridge spanned the twin front paths.
Its height gave clearance. We passed underneath
a miracle, just going in and out of doors.
The web hung where step started and path stopped.
Lack of disturbance meant it had the chance
to grow huge and round, like a firework or
a station clock, and grant us love’s whole sequence:
discovery, unforeseen endurance, shock.