Under a Spell Place - Paula Jennings

Under a Spell Place Cover
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This is the second HappenStance pamphlet from Paula Jennings, who lives in Fife and works freelance, facilitating poetry writing workshops and meeting with students for individual work-in-progress sessions.

Paula has a special interest in creative communication with people who have dementia. In such cases, unexpected and moving triumphs can sometimes occur, and linguistic confusion can surprise the listener (or, in this case, reader) into strange and beautiful recognitions.


When you saw that shape
you knew you were on your way;

it was absolute reality
to get through it
and that’s what it was on the other side.

I didn’t go home
because it was no use doing it,
you just had to leave it.

The cat’s gone and the dog’s gone.
We can’t take it where we’re going.

You are you
and you are all pulled around
(that’s what you look like).
It’s the ‘I’ that gets crackered.