The First Telling - Gill McEvoy

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Gill McEvoy lives in Chester where she runs a poetry reading group (The Golden Pear) and a workshop for practising poets (The Poem Shed).

Her first HappenStance pamphlet (Uncertain Days, 2006) dealt with difficult territory: her own diagnosis of cancer, and the disabling illness and death of her husband.

Sorry, her more recent, Michael Marks Award-winning pamphlet, The First Telling is sold out. However, a sample poem appears below.

The First Telling, winner of the 2015 Michael Marks Award for Poetry Pamphlets, confronts annihilation. Here is rape and its aftermath. Can it be poetry? It can.

I have wrapped

the bark of this birch
tight round me

inside its bandage
I have pared myself to the quick

how the wind keens
through the gaps

how my bones whiten
in the rain

I am a map
with a tracery of roads

run your finger over them

find me