HappenStance Story Download (Chapter 7)

Chapter 7
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The HappenStance Story is the back story of HappenStance Press, released in chapters every year and sent free to subscribers.

Chapter Seven discusses publications by Niall Campbell, Richie McCaffery, Theresa Muñoz, Christina Dunhill, Marion Tracy, Matthew Stewart, Martin Edwards, Frank Wood, Jim C Wilson, Jim Carruth and Jenny Elliott.

There’s also some background on the difficulty of being an OWK editor, problems with the bank, the tale of the log burning stove, and Inky Little Fingers, not to mention the mystery search that led to reprinting the collection by Jean Mackie, a report on the mentoring scheme, some words about Robert Browning, the poetry of wine, the plans for 2013, and a little about a terrific poetry reader: Rosemary Maxwell-Knight.

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