HappenStance Story Download (Chapter 8)

Chap Eight
£ 2.00

The HappenStance Story is the back story of HappenStance Press released in chapters every year and sent automatically to subscribers.

Chapter Eight discusses pamphlets by Chrissy Williams, Fiona Moore, Diana Gittins, Hamish Whyte, CJ Driver, Tom Vaughan and Helena Nelson. But not just that. There are asides on:

  • poetry for, by and about a hairdresser
  • memories of Pete
  • Tom Duddy and his posthumous collection The Years
  • publisher/editor ‘relationships’
  • blogging for poets
  • ‘Contemp Po’
  • the bank gets the last laugh
  • bugs and gremlins
  • the antidote to poetry
  • plans for 2014

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