BLAME MONTEZUMA! An assortment of chocolate poems

Blame Montezuma!
£ 6.00 each

A book for serious chocolate addicts. Here, in poetic form, is chocolate’s history, desire, joy, and darkest despair. 

It's an anthology to dip into without restraint—a calorie-free and wholly sustaining celebration printed on high quality paper with a full colour cover that could almost be mistaken for an open box of chocolates. Each copy is packaged with a bookmark from The Cocoa Tree Shop, the Pittenweem Chocolate Company’s fabulous outlet in the East Neuk of Fife. 

Choc-lit—a whole new genre from HappenStance Press. (Also available gift-wrapped and sent to the recipient of your choice.)


Chocolate has it.
No-one knows why
but chocolate has it.

Like a blazing fire in winter
after building a snowman
and coming home with wet gloves,
chocolate has it.

Carob doesn’t really have it.
Celery definitely doesn’t have it
but chocolate, oh, chocolate has it.

Long kissing has it, babies have it,
a vase full of tulips has it.

A cup of Earl Grey tea has it (for me).
Apple pie and cream, walking out at night,
hugging a tree, all have it

though chocolate has it most.
Chocolate is queen.

Rose Cook from Blame Montezuma!

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