The Manager - Robin Vaughan-Williams

The Manager
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Robin Vaughan-Williams ran Spoken Word Antics in Sheffield for five years, developed the Antics radio show on Sheffield Live, and organised a series of site-specific sound and poetry collage-performances. He has had many managers, and many jobs, from touting open-top tours on the streets of London to teaching and developing community health and well-being projects. After studying Russian in Edinburgh, he went on to write a PhD on the philosopher Mikhail Bakhtin and his milieu in the 1920s.

The Manager is its own mission statement. Centred on a personage most people will recognise, it moves from the familiar to the surreal. The sequence is grim, funny, wayward, moving and (in the end) hopeful. A must for those at the mercy of managers. Even more of a must for managers themselves.


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