Tasting Notes - Matthew Stewart

Tasting Notes
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Matthew Stewart is blender and export manager for the Spanish wine co-operative Viñaoliva, selling their Zaleo vintages globally. He writes the back labels, brochures and website copy (www.zaleo.es) and, of course, the tasting notes. He’s also a poet and author of HappenStance pamphlet Inventing Truth.

In Tasting Notes, he has four Zaleo products speak for themselves—a marriage of wine and poetry. However, I'm sorry to say this pamphlet is now sold out.

Zaleo Premium

Day by day, in laden silence,
my body is being infused
with the oak of far-off forests
from Alliers and Missouri.
It darkens the youth of my fruits.

From the barrel to the bottle,
they lay me down. I wait and wait
while my flavours knit together,
longing for a mouth to take me,
roll me back and forth on its tongue.