Out of My Mind - Olive Dehn

Out of My Mind
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In 1933, Olive Dehn was staying in Germany when her satirical poem 'Goebelchen' was intercepted on its way to Punch in London. It was regarded as so dangerously subversive that its 19-year-oldauthor was deported under armed guard. She went on to publish successful children’s novels, breed prize-winning pigs and raise a family of four. Like her older brother Paul (well-known theatre critic and screenwriter), Olive wrote verse throughout her life, contributing to magazines and anthologies.

In her nineties, she finally found time to publish a collection of witty, moving, magical poems—'Out of My Mind'. Her poems are like nothing else.

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By Etchel’s Farm
In the long rank grass
I saw the feet of
October pass.

They were brown and bare
And deeply veined
And the moons of the nails
Were purple-stained

And wherever a foot
Dragged slowly by
A leaf crept into
The print to die.

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