Competition 17 Winner: ‘Grace’Photo of little girl in pink hat in the woods

Competition: Small and smaller

This was fun. Angels dancing on the head of a pin occurred in no fewer than three entries. Small birds were frequent. Two lots of spiders. Children, too.

I decided to judge this one myself and (after extended reflection) chose ‘Grace’ by Alison Binney (see below).

I was attracted to a good number of entries. Often (not always) it was the very end that seemed to me to go on too long, or fail to satisfy. One or two were just too ... small. Commendations, nevertheless, to Meg Barton, Rachel Burns, Claudia Court, Luigi Coppola, Tracy Davidson, Elisabeth Jupp, Gaynor Kane, Lee Nash, Alice Merry and Richard Westcott, all of whom were noble contenders.

Grace   (Alison Binney)

That moment when the whole
knotty world curls
around a tired
bee fumbling
on the
the dark
red proboscis
reaching out to
your teaspoon of honey
and staying while you watch.

 New Competition 18: Sonnet

Obviously, definitions of what comprises a sonnet are now as elastic as ... an elastic band. So for this competition, your sonnet (not more than one per person) must have 14 lines. It can be formal – rhymed and metred – or radically other. Whatever you choose. I confess to a preference for something that bears a nodding acquaintance with iambic pentameter, but I am not going to judge this competition.

  • Prize: copy of Michael Mackmin’s book AND, Poems 1970-2017
  • Form: sonnet in 14 lines, other conventions defined by you
  • Unpublished poems please
  • Not more than one entry per poet
  • Closing date: 30.04.2018
  • Judge: Charlotte Gann

Type your entry into the box below. If you need italics, indicate them with an asterisk at start and finished of the italicised section.

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