Rosemary Hector

Rosemary Hector was born in County Down. A graduate of St Andrews university, she has taught in schools in Northern Ireland, Scotland, the West Country and the Midlands. The stimulus for many of her poems has been conversations with her students and experiences in schools. She and her husband live in Edinburgh: they have three children, now grown-up. Until recently she worked as a Programme Manager for NHS Scotland.

Rosemary has had poetry published in anthologies and a range of small magazines. Although Knowing Grapes was a debut publication, she is not a ‘new’ poet: she won the Edinburgh Poetry prize in her twenties and has published sporadically since then.


A QuickeningMuddy Pearl, 2019          

Oren Leibowitz — Tuesday with Kirralee Fisher, Hector & Fisher, 2018  

Labyrinth, Hansel Press, 2018

Knowing Grapes, HappenStance, 2014