Sue ButlerSue Butler has worked for a range of different companies including banks, telephone companies, Opera North, Anglia TV and the Malaysian Rubber Board.

She was an Eric Gregory Award winner. Since then her poems have appeared in many magazines over the decade. She continues to write quietly, carefully, consistently and without making a fuss about it. Currently, she lives in Hertfordshire, where she works as a copywriter.

She is a keen walker, cyclist and gardener and also writes short stories. Her first full collection, Vanishing Trick, was published by Smith Doorstop in 2004.


  • Arson, HappenStance, 2011
  • Vanishing Trick, Smith/Doorstop Books, 2004
  • Via Leeds to Lake Ladoga, Redbeck Press, 1997
  • The Mammoth’s Knee, Smith/Doorstop, 1996
  • Learning to Improvise, Rockingham Press, 1995