Jony DriverJonty Driver was brought up and educated in South Africa. After five years at the University of Cape Town (1958-62), he was elected President of the anti-apartheid National Union of South African Students (NUSAS) and ended his term of office detained in solitary confinement by the security police, on suspicion of involvement in the African Resistance Movement. Released without charge, he went to England, taught at Sevenoaks School, then went to Trinity College, Oxford, to take a post-graduate degree.  After the South African authorities refused to renew his passport, he became stateless until registered as a British citizen: in effect, a prohibited immigrant until the official end of apartheid.

During his early teaching career, C J Driver published four novels in the UK with Faber & Faber. The first two were at once banned in South Africa. Driver later taught at Matthew Humberstone Comprehensive School in Cleethorpes, with a six-month break as research fellow at the University of York to write a biography of the South African radical politician and editor, Patrick Duncan. From 1978-83, he was Principal of Island School, Hong Kong. In 1983, he and his family returned to the UK, where he became Headmaster of Berkhamsted School. In 1989 he was appointed Master of Wellington College and served there until 2000, when he retired from teaching and went to live in East Sussex.

He is now a full-time writer.


C J Driver’s website


Publications in print

Citizen of Elsewhere, HappenStance 2013

Used to be Great Friends, an Essay in Autobiography, 2013 Mampoer Shorts

My Brother & I, 2013  Legend Press

Patrick Duncan: South African and Pan Africanist, James Currey, new ed. Jan 2000.