D A PrinceD. A. Prince lives mainly in Leicestershire, but also in London. A taste for lighter verse and political satire meant her first published work appeared on the competition pages of the New Statesman and The Spectator, but from the mid-1990s this also developed into what (for want of a better word) might be called  'proper' poetry.

Publication in a widening range of small magazines resulted in three pamphlets  (two of these with Pikestaff Press) and then in a full-length collection, Nearly the Happy Hour, with HappenStance in 2008. (Nearly ‘Nearly the Happy Hour’, an editorial case study, by Colin Begg, available as a free download from the HappenStance shop,  charts the progress of this book.)

Her second full collection from HappenStance was Common Ground, which was winner of the East Midlands Book Award in 2015.

And her most recent HappenStance publication is a pamphlet: Bookmarks, which celebrates precisely the markers you might suppose, although not necessarily in the way you might expect.

D A Prince enjoys the richly varied world of poetry/literary small press, and this includes reviewing for several magazines.  She is a member of SoundsWrite, a women's poetry group based in Leicester (along with fellow HappenStance poet Marilyn Ricci).


Bookmarks, HappenStance, 2018

Common Ground, HappenStance, 2014

Nearly the Happy Hour, HappenStance, 2008

Keeping in Touch, Pikestaff, 2002

Without Boundaries, Manifold, 2001

Undoing Time, Pikestaff, 1998



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