Picture of the author with a huge smile, almost a laugh of delight, an sitting on a chair with a large book in her lap.Annie Fisher’s background has been in primary education, initially as a teacher and later as an English adviser. Now semi-retired, she writes humorous and ‘lightly serious’ poetry for adults and children as well as stories for children. She is widely known across Somerset primary schools as a storyteller (Arabella, Storyteller) and also runs poetry workshops in schools.

Her writing draws on her classroom experiences, her love of song and story, and memories of her Catholic childhood. A combination of the playful and the poignant often bubbles under the surface.

Annie joined Taunton’s Fire River Poets in 2012. Her poems have appeared in Acumen, Angle, Clear Poetry  Ink Sweat and Tears, Lighten Up Online, Obsessed with Pipework, Other Poetry, South, Snakeskin, The Broadsheet  and The Frogmore Papers.

Her debut pamphlet was published by HappenStance in 2016 and sold out alarmingly quickly. Catch the next one as soon as you can!


Poems in anthologies:

  • Everything That Can Happen, poems about the future, The Emma Press 2019
  • My Dear Watson, the very elements in Poetry, Beautiful Dragons Press 2015
  • Blame Montezuma! An Anthology of Chocolate Poems, HappenStance, 2014
  • Not a Drop, Beautiful Dragons Press 2016

Poems in Children’s Anthologies:

  • I am a Jigsaw, Bloomsbury 2019
  • I Bet I Can Make You Laugh, Bloomsbury 2018