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On Windows and Fish

The reading window is open. The envelopes are stacking up.

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Poetics and Drinking Parties

I love the word symposium. I don’t know why.

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It’s the month of new publications!

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It’s a gorgeous thing when a poem arrives at a felicitous rhyme, a choice word that pops up by happenstance.

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Plot and Counterplot, my own second collection, is in the HappenStance shop. You can buy it from here via PayPal, or by post, or go to the Shoestring Press website and purchase using their downloadable form. One of the poems inside is also available as a PoemCard.

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Getting and spending

What a week. Ooya-hun -- what a week! I warn you -- this blog entry is much too long.

No post last weekend because it was the fifth birthday party. Family were staying, including my sister sleeping in the study where I write this blog on a Sunday morning. It was the most complicated event I've ever attempted to organise. Mid-preparations, Gina Wilson's pamphlet was in its final stages -- I took a mock-up to the party itself to give to her for final checking.

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