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‘. . . is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.’ (Einstein)

Graphic of moon in night skyFrom that Einstein quotation Fiona Moore’s The Only Reason for Time takes its title. It’s one of two pamphlets about to go into the online shop. The other is Chrissy Williams’ Flying into the Bear. They start a year of publications in which there should, for once, be as many female as male poets. Let me tell you something about these two - or at least try.

The trouble is, I don’t know how to describe Chrissy Williams’ Flying into the Bear. One page bubbles with mischief; the next topples into awe. The pamphlet features stage directions for a play that never was; there are bears in several senses; a retelling of The Terminator with a flock of sheep as protagonist; and a love poem for a computer game – I had to go to http://bit.ly/Vq3Lid to get it. I got it.  I love it when poems make you read in new ways. These do that.

The Only Reason for Time, Fiona Moore’s first collection, has been a long time in the making. To me, these are stunning poems: chiselled, poised and balanced achingly between this world and extinction. Some are responses to the death of Fiona’s partner some years ago. All probe the nature of that mysterious and haunting thing we call life. I've lived with these poems, and they have changed me.

Now that I've dangled these poets enticingly under your nose, I have to say you can’t order either of them online for a couple of days because we are reinforcing the battlements. It's busy here.

IMAGE OF BEARAttacks of hackers (successfully resisted) have necessitated a make-over of the online shop. It will go live in the next few days with the new publications in it. As soon as it does, there’ll be an announcement through the email newsletter and via FaceBook and Twitter.

If you’re not signed up for the email newsletter, it’s easy. Go to the main page for www.happenstancepress.com and run your eye down under the text. There’s a box at the bottom, in the middle. Put your email address in it and hit the orange ‘go’ button. It will send you an automatic email to confirm. That’s it. You’re on the list.

More soon. About everything.

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Friday, 24 March 2023