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Computer RAGE strikes

You think it won't get you but it does. It does.

I remember an occasion when my son was eight years old. He was so enraged with his Sega that he shrieked and hurled it across the room. It crashed into his father's hi-fi.

Naturally I separated him speedily from the offending machine and dispensed superior wisdom about patience and so on. I was thirty-eight but I had never experienced what he was experiencing. It was another three years before I started to teach myself word-processing.

The rage! The frustration! The despair! Things disappear! You spend whole days learning to do something, creating a wondrous document, and then it vanishes forever.

Which is the sort of thing that happened to me this afternoon, while trying to master this little machine, and get the missing reviews back on the website. Oh the muddles I have got in! Oh the messes I have made!

'Use Notepad,' Sarah advised. What did I do? Used Wordpad. It is NOT THE SAME. And the number of times I have hit the home key by accident and closed the file with nothing saved . . .

Yes, I wanted to hurl the machine across the room. Instead I went downstairs and parcelled up the orders and then read for half an hour in the conservatory with the leaking roof. A leaking roof is NOTHING in terms of annoyance.

I believe all the reviews are back. I think I may have cracked it, since Sarah saved me again. I may not. Watch this space.

Meanwhile, I'll go and edit the other reviews, the ones that have been sitting untended for the last three weeks to a month. Where does the time go? (Don't answer that.)

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Saturday, 15 May 2021

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