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The email newsletter went out last week flagging three new publications. But guess what I forgot?

This is what it said:

Three new pamphlets. Which will you choose?

Matthew Stewart's Inventing Truth is a first collection, Matthew works in Spain, and there's a sense of moving between languages and cultures behind this unusual pamphlet. The poems are almost all brief. But they're poignant and thoughtful. Moments in amber.

Peter Daniels is a name familiar to most readers of small press magazines. He has been writing good, resonant poems for a long time. I, for one, was convinced he already had at least one full collection in print. He hasn't, not yet, though he will have soon. This pamphlet contains some competition winners and some new poems. Like the image on the cover, he is a writer of poise, elegance and panache.

Michael Mackmin's pamphlet Twenty-Three Poems was published by HappenStance in 2006 and sold out quickly. Best known as editor of The Rialto, Michael's own poems are quirky, different, experimental. If I hadn't banned the word 'risk-taking' from my Sphinx reviewers I might mention something about risks. Instead, I'll just suggest you read the poems.

The deliberate mistake (not) was failing to mention the titles of the second two new pamphlets (Twenty-Three Poems is long out of print). I thought this would add an air of mystery which would make you go and look for them.

No, that's not really true. I just cocked it up again.

However, to make it easy, here's a link to the shop details for

Matthew Stewart's Inventing Truth


Peter Daniels' Mr Luczinski Makes a Move


Michael Mackmin's From there to here

I'm very pleased with these three. Good contrasting poets. Lovely looking publications. I sez it as knows.

Shortly there will be two more. One will be by Kirsten Irving and we think it will be called What to Do. The other is by Ross Kightly and it will probably be called Gnome Balcony.

But nothing is finalised, and I am going on holiday next week. In fact, with luck I will already be on holiday by the time you are reading this. When I come back, the poets, or their muses, may have changed their minds.

Watch this gnome . . .

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Wednesday, 22 March 2023