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Enough! Or Too much

I feel this week as though I've read more poetry than anybody else in the world. It's an enriching experience, in some ways, reading a great deal of verse -- I mean bookfuls every day. At the same time, it's frustrating because  what I really like is spending time with an individual poem, turning it inside out, trying it on for size. Perhaps that's why I like doing the pamphlets: typing out each poem by hand, getting the feel of it, hanging it outside on the line to dry.

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Opening and closing

Opening envelopes, closing suitcases.

I now have a whole new vocabulary about eyes. Myodesopsia, operculum, vitreous humour, entoptic phenomena. Wonderful words and especially relevant to aging myopic people such as myself. Then there's the less delicate word 'floater', which makes me think of a jelly fish.

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Please, miss, my brain is full

The submissions month continues. My brain is now full. I've read a lot of poetry and sent back a lot of comments.

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Here's looking at you, Kudo

Summer in Fife has gone away again. Yesterday it rained most of the day and was grey and chilly. Meanwhile news reports persist of heat waves and droughts in England. No need to water the garden here. And who cares? The smell of honeysuckle in the rain is amazing. And lilac. I have no lilac in my garden but I love lilac in the rain so much I would tramp miles just to breathe it in.

Last week was spent achieving much less than expected (as usual). This is submissions month and they have been steadily arriving. However, it's been good carefully reading them and finding interesting things in every envelope. I am predisposed in favour of those who have researched the press. It isn't difficult to find out something about the way I work. Nor is it rocket science to have read (and sent feedback on) some of the publications.

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Sphinx 12 in the oven

Sphinx 12 is at the printer's. Lots of conversation about the cover which is meant to have yellow print on a black background. Black, obviously, because it's the last Sphinx ever.

I've never done this reverse printing thing before. What they do is print on yellow board, so actually the whole cover is printed black and the un-inked bits come out yellow, which means it's yellow on the inside. Hope it comes out looking good. Must use an awful lot of black toner. This is also the Chicken edition (among other things). There's an interview with Doug Savage in cartoons, as well as more chickens than usual.

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Guest — Tehani
The poem is wonderful. I have to practice it for the English day.
Saturday, 06 January 2018 04:43
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Exhaustion has officially set in.

Gina Wilson's Scissors, paper, stone is done. I love it. But then, I would.

Gill Andrews' The Thief is at the printer's. I love it. See above.

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