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Closing the Window

I thought at first I was getting fewer submissions this time round. I was managing to open the envelopes, read and write back. I was managing quite well.

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Guest — Debbie Jones
Lovely to see your face! Xx
Sunday, 31 July 2016 11:30
Guest — Veronica Beedham
There's something about writing in a cafe - there's also something of Virginia Woolf about it - probably because it's black and wh... Read More
Wednesday, 10 August 2016 11:47
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Halfway through the reading window

There is a pile of envelopes on the stairs, ready to post back to their owners, and another pile on the sofa unread.

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Marcia Menter
That you do this work, and like it, and seek more of it, and comment so illuminatingly on it, is a joy and a wonder to me.
Sunday, 17 July 2016 14:56
Guest — Giles Turnbull
loved this post because it made me think about my reading style. Having only read in front of an audience 3 times so far it is sti... Read More
Sunday, 17 July 2016 15:43
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On Robert Nye

Robert Nye died last week. He was a poet. 

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grahaeme barrasford young
Thanks Nell, the Guardian hasn't done an Obit, so I missed this news - presumably two well-known poets dying in ten days was too m... Read More
Sunday, 10 July 2016 10:25
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Opening the Windows

Remember the joke about windows?

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The armies of perfection . . .

So do you need to know about the poet’s life?

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How personal should poems get?

It’s a sort of spectrum. At one end – the safe end – there’s persona (Robert Browning – ‘My Last Duchess’).

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Guest — Elizabeth Barrett
I really enjoyed this Nell. And I have really enjoyed reading (and re-reading) Flame which arrived in your package this week. It i... Read More
Sunday, 29 May 2016 10:54
Guest — Angela Topping
Hear hear! One of the reasons I have to write poetry it to interrogate memory. Another is to understand human experience, starting... Read More
Sunday, 29 May 2016 10:56
Marcia Menter
Brilliant. The thing is, you can only write the poems you can write. So you'd better make them true. Viva vividness!
Sunday, 29 May 2016 13:39
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